Javafx Application Deployment in Intelije using Artifact

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Follow this steps to build and Deploy runnable jar for JavaFX application

  • After You have created JavaFX Application in intelije you need to go to project Structure
    Goto File -> Project Structure ->Artifacts
  •  Click on ‘+’ symbol in top left and choose JavaFx Application  -> from Module
  •  If you need additional files to be included in jar you can manupulate in widow open as you can see in following image.
JavaFX Intelije Artifact Deployment
  • Go to last Tab JavaFX and specify Main Launcher class of Application
  • Specify Title and description for applicaion 
  •  Select Native Bundle as ALL
  •  Click Apply and close the window 
  • Go To build->build Artifact you will have executable Jar file 
  •  You can run it y double clicking it or via Cmd prompt 
  • For cmd prompt got to path where jar is located 
  • Write following cmd to debug app in run time
    java -jar jarfilename.jar
  • jarfilename -> will be you jar file name generalyy is projectname.jar 
  • After this if You want to have icons for appication exe check this link to add icon in jar applicaition for native package

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